Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany: Roller blind fun

Last time I was over at the Gite I replaced the pull cord mechanism on the roller blind for the French windows that lead to the patio.

We have roller blinds on all the windows of our Gite and they’re not little lightweight blinds, they’re almost more of a security shutter, they’re heavy plastic with lead weights in the bottom so if you let them drop quickly they come down with a bang.

Since the pull cord was fraying I replaced the whole mechanism with a new one which is easier said than done, not least because getting the cover off the blind mechanism at the top is really difficult as it all clips solidly together, and then you have to deal with the considerable weight of the entire roller blind as you thread the new pull cord into position.

Anyway that one was done last time and I bought a couple of spare new mechanisms (good old eBay) and brought them over with me this time.

Good job I did because the roller blind pull part of the blind next to the toy box had also failed and needed to be replaced as well. And so the fun began, took me perhaps an hour to prise the box containing the roller mechanism apart with several screwdrivers, flat bladed knives and a considerable amount of banging with a hammer.

Finally got the box opened so I could wedge the roller blind into position, unwind the old pull cord and replace it with a new one.

Here’s a photo of it work in progress, the new mechanism in place and the old frayed pull cord shown in the bottom right. Wouldn’t have wanted that to snap.

All finished now, box clipped back together and new pull cord works fine. Until the next one wears out of course…


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